Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SARSEF Science Fair - Alan's Launch Box

Alan made it down to the Tucson Community Center for the 2009 Southern Arizona Regional Science & Engineering Fair ( after placing in the top of the students from his school. His project was based on measurements taken from his home built Launch Box (Featured in an earlier post if you want to build one.) and a standard Estes 6 volt launch controller. (

Alan next to his display at SARSEF science fair.

This shot shows only about 1/4 of the competition. Unfortunately Alan didn't place this time, but it was his first year and he learned a lot. Plus he already is coming up with some cool ideas for next year's fair. If you check back here and on ( you will probably see some previews of his work.

Below are a few shots of Brenda and Alan by some of the other project displays. Notice how Brenda likes the ones that have to do with dogs? She finds them wherever she goes!

I had to point this one out to Naomi. You should check out the backpack that she carries around at BASIS Tucson. It's at least as heavy as some of the rucksacks that I carried around in the jungles in the 25th Infantry Division!

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