Monday, March 14, 2011

Join us for Desert Heat 2011 !!!

Come out and join us for two days of great rocket launches in the desert! There are going to be some great projects to watch this year and always lots to see and do for families and anyone interested in our exciting hobby. Great prizes, food and raffles for the kids, etc.

This year will include an almost 7 foot AMRAAM scale missile built by BASIS Tucson Charter School's RoboRocketry Club. They are excited about launching this big monster of theirs and also showcasing some of their scratch built designs that they worked hard on. Cal Miller will be flying a scratch built rocket that he designed to carry a video camera up on its flight. Too cool. can't wait to see the video.  We will post some pictures and video here after the launch.

I will also be launching my ARCAS rocket that is almost scale size at 4.1" in diameter and is also about 7 feet tall.  I will be launching the ARCAS for my NAR Level 2 High Power Rocketry certification. Wish me luck.  It should be a good time.

Another big highlight will be The Arizona Rocketry Team's 1/2 scale SCUD missile that towers at about 20 feet tall.  Powered by 5 rocket motors and producing more than 800 lbs of thrust. This will be the largest ever launched out of Tucson.

For more information on Desert Heat 2011 go to the following link:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tow Truck to The Rescue - The Amish Edition

This is great. I know not rocketry related, but actually really cool.
And looks like a big ol' fuel truck no less.