Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Desert Heat 2009 - March 28, 2009

Took me a month to get these up here, but here are some shots from Desert Heat 2009. Above you see Brenda's Big Daddy from her SARSEF science fair project on pad number 6 about to be launched. It actually had a really great flight.

Preparing the Semroc Saturn 1B for launch on a cluster of four C6-3 motors. It was the first flight of this favorite rocket of ours and it was great. Perfect flight and recovery with no damage at all. We were pretty relieved after all the work building it. You can check out the building pictures at and

Saturn 1B all hooked up and ready to go. Hopefully some of the video of the launch came out. We will have to take a look and post it if it did.

Heading out to recover the Saturn 1B.

Inspecting for damage.

We were all very happy with the results!

Our modified Executioner XL on an E9-6 motor. Perfect flight but unfortunately we couldn't find the very large payload section. :-(

Our 6 foot 7 inch "Mean Yankee" flying on an E9-6 motor. Perfect flight and recovery.

Our Semroc AeroDart sitting on the pad with an E9-6 motor. Unfortunately we didn't get to fly it as we took so long looking for the Executioner XL's payload bay.

Our 2-stage Estes Renegade taking off on its excellent flight.

We didn't make it out to the night launch, but plan on camping out and staying for both days next year. If you are in the Tucson area we highly recommend that you join SARA (Southern Arizona Rocketry Association), attend the monthly launches and the yearly Desert Heat launch. They are a lot of fun and the experienced rocketeers out there are very willing to help and advise you on your projects. Check out the site at

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