Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sonoran Science Academy - 1st Launch - March 13, 2009

As you can imagine, the Sonoran Science Academy (http://sonoranacedemy.org/) 3rd grade students were hyped and ready to launch their rockets after all the work they put into building and learning about them.

The launches were spectacular! They really enjoyed launching, watching and recovering their rockets.

They even used Alan's Launch Box that was described in an earlier post here. Check out that post if you are interested in building one of your own.

We also used Roborocketry's Quad Pad Launch Rack for loading up four at a time. This worked out great for the size of group and allowed us to make adjustments for wind, etc, without having to move and re-stake four separate single launch pads. We were very happy with the results. You can check out an earlier post for the decription of building that rack.

For this launch we used B6-4 motors to launch the Estes Loadstar rockets they had built. They were all single stage launches. Two weeks later they would all launch their rockets in the 2 stage configuration.

I will now stop rambling and just let you enjoy the pictures below from this fun filled launch day. Enjoy...

That's it till the 2nd launch post. Hope you enjoyed it as much as they did!


javapda blog said...

That is a day those kids won't forget! Great work.

DellaDarling said...

Good job everyone. This is quite an accomplishment. I remember helping the first class when I was there on vacation and it seemed like quite a task to help everyone build their raockets but to acutually launch them is the greatest task.

Hope to help again.

Della Darling(Duane's MOM)

Black Belt Rocketeer said...

They had a blast. The look on their faces when their rockets launched was worth all the effort. Also, thanks goes out to those that helped out at the launches. I really appreciate it!