Friday, January 18, 2008

Viper Robot

Well, Santa delivered a very nice present this year!

It was a Viper robot!

We looked at many robots and robotics kits before deciding which one to ask Santa for.

We have not been disappointed at all!

Microbic Viper

The best store for US buyers is actually in Canada, RobotShop. They are very helpful and when we had an issue with a push button switch and a motherboard, they immediately sent us replacements.

Great customer support!
They also have other cool stuff at their site, too!

The best thing about this kit so far, is that Alan, who is now 7 years old, is learning to program and really enjoying it.

The kit comes with the easy to use BASIC Micro Atom IDE Version 2.2 (Integrated Development Environment) that allows for programming the robots controller using an easy to learn BASIC programming language.

Below, are some pictures of the kit and Alan working on it.

The larger box above contains the main kit and the three other boxes contain the three add-on kits. You can read about those on the Microbric or RobotShop sites.
Eventually, some form of robot built with this will be flying on one of our rockets!

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