Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stars and Stripes Rocket

Well, now that the "Orange Twist" has met its demise, we are building another Mean Machine. As I said, this is a great rocket. The kids especially love it! So, I imagine, we will always have at least one of these in our fleet.

Our new paint scheme will be more patriotic in nature, Stars and Stripes, etc. I saw a similar paint job before and it looked pretty cool on this rocket. It is just primered in these shots. The new coat of White Gloss is drying now...

In thethe shot below, you can see the coupler that separates the two halves for transport. Great feature! I have read of many people shutting the old model in car doors because it was too long and the wind caught and shut the door...

My advice: Build one! You will love it! We will keep you posted on the "Stars and Stripes."

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