Friday, September 18, 2009

RoboRocketry NARTREK Launch, X-15 and More July 25, 2009

Alan Boldt with his Estes Skywriter that he used for two of his NARTREK Cadet Mercury Level launches.

The Estes Executioner (This one was formerly the Executioner XL...) about to make it's first flight on an 18mm AeroTech RMS reload (We used a 24mm to 18mm adapter). This flight was awesomely loud in the echoing park. Click here to see the video.

Jet and Jim Thevenot joined us out there for the day. Jet is seen here at the controls of Alan's Launch Box.

RoboRocketry's Quest X-15 sitting on Pad #3 ready for liftoff.

One of Jet Thevenot's rockets making an excellent flight.

Alan and his Estes Skywriter just before another NARTREK Cadet Mercury Level flight.

RoboRocketry's Semroc Centurian getting ready for a 2 Stage flight.

The Semroc Centurian in flight on the first stage booster motor.

The Estes Wizard rocket that Alan built and flew for his other NARTREK Cadet Mercury Level flights.

Another of Jet Thevenot's great flights lifting off.

RoboRocketry's Estes Renegade sitting ready for a 2 stage flight.

The Estes Renegade under booster power of the first stage.

Jet and Alan happily returning from Rocket Retrieval Duty with the Estes Skywriter.

Jet and his dad Jim with a couple of their rockets they flew that day.

Jet and Alan with some of their rockets.

Jet, after a good day's launch.

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