Friday, July 3, 2009

Handbook of Model Rocketry - G. Harry Stine and Bill Stine

This is an excellent handbook on model rocketry. I recommend it to anyone that is just getting into this exciting hobby or for those that have been launching model rockets but haven't read much on the subject. It is a good overview on many aspects of model rocketry. It has something for everyone.

I have been making and flying rockets for quite a while, but picked up good pointers and theory from the sections on air foils and fin design. Alan also used information from the chapter on Ignition and Ignition Systems when building the RoboRocketry Launch Box.

It is packed with information and advice on topics ranging from tools, techniques and rocket contruction, to stability, aerodynamics and recovery devices. There are also overview chapters on scale model building, payloads, altitude determination, clubs and contests and more.

I especially recommend this book as an excellent resource for parents, teachers, scout masters and other club leaders that are planning to teach rocketry concepts to their classes, clubs or their own children.

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