Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SpaceShipOne - An Illustrated History by Dan Linehan

Just finished reading this excellent book by Dan Linehan. I had picked up the copy earlier this year when we met Dan at the Pima Air and Space Museum during a talk he gave there. I wrote a short entry at that time with some pictures of our own SpaceShipOne model.

The book has many excellent pictures that chronical the evolution of the SpaceShipOne prject and their eventual winning of the Ansari X-Prize.

Very well done Dan! I highly recommend your book.

You can see some pictures of Dan with some of the the RoboRocketry team and a few pictures of our small SS1 in the earlier entry at:


JFManiac said...

Cool stuff...

WhiteKnightTwo flew over our house the other day, for the spaceport thing out here... Pretty amazing watching.


Black Belt Rocketeer said...

Very cool. I would like to check that out some day... Better yet, I would love to get to fly in one.