Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brenda's Custom Elite finished

Brenda finished her custom painted Custom Elite rocket today.

This Custom Elite egg lofting rocket kit was purchased from where they sell for only $6.19. Pretty good price for a rocket that can send eggs up into the air.

It is 15.37" when complete and has an 18" motor mount.

The recommended motors are: B6-2, B6-4, C6-3 and C6-5.

Custom Rocket Company
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

We will see later about sending up some sort of small robot in it...

Keyboard as a fin holder...

Fins, standoffs and launch lugs all glued on and ready for paint.

Painting the nose cone yellow with help from twin Alan...

Body and fins all primered gray.

Sanding the primer off for a smooth finish before painting.

Adding her favorite color - RED!

Red and Yellow, Brenda's two favorite colors.

Painting the clear ring silver color.

Masking for Brenda's custom design touch.

Last step, assembling and attaching the parachute...

She had a great time building it and insisted on her design over the suggested theme. Great girl! Can't wait to see what she sends up into orbit!

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